Windrush – Where’s The Compensation ? Where’s The Labour Party Campaign?

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Bring back those wrongly deported, pay their resettlement costs. All must be given full British passports

“People were robbed of their jobs and homes, refused support and healthcare, and detained, deported and refused return to the UK, the country of their home.

While all this was done, Ministers and Parliament systematically removed the very safeguards that might have protected people, whom the Home Office had long decided it no longer cared about. Legal aid was cut and appeal rights were removed. Yet, the Home Office remained the beneficiary of wide exemptions from race equality safeguards.

Even after so much injustice and harm done to people of the Windrush generation has been exposed, Ministers and Parliament continue protecting the Home Office. In May, they even gave sweeping powers to the Home Office to exempt itself from data protections necessary to ensure people are not improperly treated as without rights to be in the country.

By legislation and policy, Ministers and others, have created and sustained a culture at the Home Office that disdains people subjected to its powers – whether or not it is even lawful to treat them as subject to immigration controls.

Home Office permanent secretary Matthew Rycroft said the initiative had been slow to get going.

He told the Commons Public Accounts Committee (PAC) that more than £2million has now been offered to people.

In total the Home Office expects between £90 million to £250 million to be paid out in total through the scheme.

The scandal broke in 2018, but but it dates back much further. Paulette Wilson, the leading Windrush campaigner had her benefits stopped in 2015 and was nearly deported. She died in July 2020 it is believed before she received any compensation.

Fellow Windrush campaigner Patrick Vernon described being in “deep shock” over Ms Wilson’s death and said there was “growing evidence that the impact of the Windrush scandal and hostile environment is having a major impact on mental health and well-being of the survivors”.

“We now need to campaign to end the hostile environment and for the compensation to be managed independently from the Home Office,” the Guardian quoted Mr Vernon as saying.


Of 200,000 cases only 50,000 have been processed. Many have been given Status Papers instead of full passports. Because of the continuing hostile environment many are frighted to apply for their passports, they do not trust the system. Children on their own have been put on flights to the West Indies. People who have been away from the UK for 540 days or more are disqualified from gaining UK citizenship. Where people have received payments these have been straight reimbursement of lost income and immediate costs, no reparations have been paid, and nothing has been paid out by the Hardship Fund. The 20 recommendations of the Williams Report have not been implemented. Why hasn’t the Labour Party put them into a Bill to get them enacted into law?