We Can’t Say We Were Not Warned

Kier Starmer And Privatisation Of The NHS
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To understand Kier Starmer’s politics, we need to look at who is running his campaign

by Araron Bastani


6th January 2020

Before his time in Westminster, Nunn [ who now works for Starmer ] worked for the healthcare lobbyist Incisive Health. Incisive was founded by Sarah Winston, Mike Birtwhistle and Bill Morgan – a former special advisor to then Tory health secretary Andrew Lansley. At Incisive’s launch in 2013 Birtwhistle explained the ethos of the new firm and the need, in the words of PR Week, for private interests to work harder and smarter to make [the NHS] adapt and change in a way that will help their businesses. Birtwhistle explicitly stated how Morgan’s proximity to Tory policy on healthcare was commercially advantageous

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