UK’s Trade Union Movement Repudiates This Divisive Sewell Report.

Did Downing Street's re-writing of the Sewell Report breach the ministerial codes?
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In a letter to Jonhnson they said, “We hoped that the report would recommend action to stamp out insecure work and make employers act to close their ethnicity pay gaps,” and noted that, ” in London, the disparity in pay between white workers and ethnic minority workers stood at 24%.” ““Instead, the commission has chosen to deny the experiences of BME workers.” Guradian

Following allegations that officials in Downing Street rewrote the final Sewell report, a coalition of black professionals have also written to the prime minister. Blaksox, led by educational consultant Patricia Lamour, is calling for an independent investigation to assess whether the ministerial and civil service codes have been breached, and are lobbying Yvette Cooper, chair of the home affairs select committee, to investigate.

The question is, will the Labour Party endorse this call.