UK Covid Deaths Are The Highest In The World, And Beveridge’s Five Giant Evils Are Back With A Vengeance

Structural, Institutional Racism And Prejudice Ensure That At The Bottom Of This Divide Are Black, African, Asian And Oppressed Minorities, Where Covid Death Are Four Times That Of The General Population. This Reveals The Depth Of The Racism Of British Capitalism, And The Full Nature Of The Relationship Between Race And Class.
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Covid deaths in the UK are the highest in world, despite creating no storm in the media (imagine if Corbyn were PM) this has shone a spotlight on the depth and the nature of the class divisions of our society. The 100,000+ Covid victims are predominantly from the classes who cannot isolate because it is they who are providing the physical services upon which the economy depends; whose low wages and job insecurity prevent them from isolating, who live in overcrowded accommodation, who do not have private transport, and who through generations of deprivation have the poorest health. 

Beveridge, who planned the NHS in 1948 identified five giant evils: want, disease, squalor and idleness. Guardian They are back with a vengeance:- 13 million people are in poverty, 4 million of them children, 1.25 million people are in destitution. Structural, institutional racism and prejudice ensure that at the bottom of this divide are Black, African, Asian and oppressed minorities, where Covid death are four times that of the general population. This reveals the depth of the racism of British capitalism, and the full nature of the relationship between race and class. 

Islamophobia and racism on Black people is structured into our society, but this receives no attention from the Labour party. Starmer shows his true class alliance at the dispatch box; on the Covid slaughter he could demolish Johnson, yet he does anything but, this is not accidental, it is deliberate. His opposition to the disposal of the Colston statue and his statement that it be put it in a museum was to sideline the conflict, to safely consign it to history. Those who tore down this symbol of genocide appeared in court today, charged with criminal damage ! Where was the leader of the so called anti-racist Labour party? Keeping an extremely long social distance, and the poise of the three wise monkeys.