The Leaked Report – Racism Exposed

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Senior party HQ managers’ open racism to leading Labour black female MP’s. Kier Starmer took no public stand or action.

BLL demands a full account of where these racists are now, what disciplinary action was taken against them, what measures have been taken to ensure the party administration is anti-racist.


26 January 2017 

A senior staff member engaged in a racist trope calling ‘x’ an “angry woman”, while his colleague called her “repulsive”, “Watching QT without the sound on ‘x’ is a very angry woman.” And another “ (she) is truly repulsive” 

8 February 2017 

In February 2017 ‘A’ had a shocking exchange with members of staff in her WhatsApp group where they talk about someone finding ‘x’ crying in the toilets and telling Michael Crick, a Channel 4 reporter at the time, where she was. 

‘B’ said,  “……… literally makes me sick” 

‘C’ said: “ ‘x’ found crying in the loos”
‘D’ said, “ ‘x’ memorial cupboard works well” 

‘E’ said, “Shall we tell michael crick” 

‘A’ said, “Already have’ 🙂


Labour’s press office at the time provided a statement to journalists covering the story that defended the comments, describing criticism as “po-faced” and stating: “These were messages exchanged between co-workers in the expectation that they would remain private and confidential and the tone of the language used reflects that.”

In (a) letter to Sir Keir, 13 NEC members said: “The Labour Party’s statement was […] inexcusable in defending the racist, sexist and abusive comments in the WhatsApp groups. JewishVoiceForLabour