Senior Labour Figures Fire Shot Across Starmer’s Bow In Battle For Liverpool Democracy

An array of Liverpool MPs and councillors, BAME groups and activists, along with other senior figures and groups from trade unions and the labour movement, have ramped up the pressure on the party leadership with an open letter attacking the party’s handling of the city’s mayoral candidate selection.
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Nine MP’s, the former party General Secretary, senior affiliated trade union leaders, Black Lives Matter groups, 12 Councillors, leading Labour Party Bame groups and many more, in an open letter to Kier Starmer, David Evans and the NEC Secretary, state:

“We are writing to express our serious concerns about the way in which the Liverpool Mayoral Selection process has been handled, and to express our alarm at what looks like an attempt to railroad through a new candidate before we have answers about why the previous shortlist was scrapped.

“Any decision taken on Labour’s candidate, while previously shortlisted candidates remain excluded without due process afforded to challenge those decisions, will be wide open to charges of a political stitch-up…”

If Anna (Rothery’s) legal case proves that she was treated unfairly, she must be reinstated to her rightful place on the ballot. The party’s actions would otherwise appear discriminatory and further damage the party’s reputation and it’s standing with BAME communities.

See the letter and the full list of signatories to the letter here Skwarkbox

This is not the first time the people of Liverpool have been attacked by establishment figures. They were not cowed then and they are unlikely to be cowed now.