Refugees – A Hostile Environment

Children Subjected to Restraint And "Physical Intervention"
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Migrant children’s welfare is being sidelined in UK’s ‘brutal push to deport’

“The hostile environment appears very much in operation as documents show the Home Office focusing on exclusions

Families due to be forcibly deported (with) the use of restraint and “physical intervention” on children.

The disclosures follow attacks by Priti Patel on lawyers who she claims frustrate attempts to deport failed asylum seekers.” [Observer 15/11/20]

Starmer has criticised the government’s “incompetence” in dealing with migrants arriving by dinghy, instead of defending their right to claim asylum in Britain – which is protected by the UN refugee convention. As a human rights lawyer, where are his condemnations of the hostile environment?

BLACK LIVES LABOUR demand that he gives full support to the refugees and issues a protocol for Labour Authorities to coordinate to make full provision for them