Put Your Own House In Order Sir Kier

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Speaking to the India News Republic yesterday, Sir Keir Starmer said, ‘”The allegations made in the interview (by Megan Markel) should be taken very seriously […] It reminds us that too many people are experiencing racism in Britain in the 21st century”. ” We have to take it very seriously. Skin color and spirit […] This is bigger than the royal family. I ( sic) We have been so negative for years that we are willing to put these issues on one side. ”’ IndianNewsRepublic

Well, Sir Kier, you could start with your own house:

Your could reinstate Anna Rothery as mayoral candidate in Liverpool, whom your officials removed from the list of contenders (Black Lives Labour (BLL) 1/3/21);

Take action against the racism in Labour Party HQ, identified by the ‘Leaked Report’, which has been kicked into the long grass (BLL 14/2/210);

Speak up in support of your Black Labour MP Claudia Webb, following the barrage of racist abuse levelled at her in social media (BLL 6/2/21);

Apologise for your failure to call out the racist who phoned in to your LBC appearance (BLL 14/12/20);

Apologise and make amends for your failure to speak out against the racist deportations by the Home Office (BLL 11/12/20);

Return the donations given to you by an Islamophobic property developer (BLL 2/12/20);

Withdraw the threat of expulsion to Kensington Labour Party members when they invited as a speaker The Canary Black journalist Kerry-Ann Mendoza (BLL 24/11/20);

Correct your failure to give full and public support to your Labour MP Dawn Butler when racist violence forced her to close her party offices (BLL 32/10/20).