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Emmanuel Gomes, born in Guinea Bissau, was a cleaner at the Ministry of Justice outsourced to OCS. As an agency worker he was not entitled to holiday, sick pay or job security when taking strike action or union organising. 

After falling ill he continued to work because the MoJ and OCS refused him sick pay. He’d barely eaten for 5 days before his death, almost certainly caused by Covid 19. He should not have been at work but off sick having medical treatment. Like millions of workers across the country he couldn’t afford to get sick, and this cost him his life. 

BLL  demand the Labour Party commit to campaigning now for:

• A living wage, security of employment, full employee rights including sick pay, and residency for the insecure workforce.

• An end to racial discrimination in employment practices in Local and National Government, with Labour having a particular responsibility in Labour controlled Authorities.