Lewis Hamilton Puts Black Lives Matter On The Podium

Lewis Hamilton Has Spoken Out Before, But Now As The Leading Racing Driver Of All Time, He Has Put The Full Weight Of His Reputation Behind The International Antiracist Movement.
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Lewis Hamilton has spoken emotionally about the death of George Floyd and insisted the Black Lives Matter movement must continue. The Brit has regularly called for political change by using his platform as an F1 superstar. And he’s eager to make the world better for the next generation, calling for more change across the world. He said, “It wasn’t until this year, it was a real learning year. I had to do the learning myself and discovered my grandparents were from the Windrush generation, which [makes me] even more proud of my grandparents and what they achieved.”

“We can’t let this movement die a quiet death. We’ve gotta keep it alive […] Ultimately, doing symbolic gestures is definitely a good thing and doing these movements are fantastic […] but getting real tangible change moving forward. That’s the real challenge we continue to make.” Readthe full article here: The Express. And more here: MorningStar