Labour HQ Second Attack On Liverpool Democracy Fails

Unable to impose white, rightwing mayoral candidate Starmer attempts to abolish the post - but fails.
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With Party HQ’s preferred Mayoral candidate Theresa Griffin ruling herself out the leadership tried a new offensive, to abolish the post altogether and revert to Cabinet governance with a ceremonial Mayor. An emergency meeting of the Council met late Saturday and roundly defeated this sabotage by 39 votes to 22.

Councillor Sarah Morton said” Treating these three councillors this way is a disgrace and an insult to the city. You cannot have national Labour Party interference like that.”

Other councillors have suggested that Labour will struggle to find willing candidates. Lena Simic, a councillor who voted against the motion, said she felt it would “undermine democracy” to scrap the role of mayor without giving Liverpudlians a say. “We as elected representatives need to uphold democracy at every step, both internally in the Labour party, but also most importantly for the people of Liverpool. There are also legal issues around the motion,” she said.

She supported a second motion from the Liverpool MP Ian Bryne that demanded transparency regarding the decision to remove the three women from the ballot. “In my personal opinion applying for this position before we know what has happened and we get some answers is uncomradely and like crossing a picket line,” she said. Guardian