Kicked Into The Long Grass

The Leaked Report Into Labour Party HQ Staff Under Corbyn Revealed Treachery, Misogeny, Misuse Of Party Funds And An Astounding Level Of Racism Towards Black Labour MP's.
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Nine black Labour MPs have written to Sir Keir Starmer to warn that the indefinite delay to the Forde inquiry risks giving a strong impression that the party is “not taking anti-black racism seriously.”

Diane Abbott, Dawn Butler, Marsha de Cordova, Florence Eshalomi, Kim Johnson, Clive Lewis, Chi Onwurah, Kate Osamor and Bell Ribeiro-Addy signed the statement over the delay of the inquiry’s conclusion. Morning star

During Corbyn’s leadership unelected senior staff at Party HQ plotted to bring down Labour – this was the shocking revelation of the famous ‘leaked report’. It documents that funds meant for marginal seats with Corbyn supporting candidates were diverted to seats with anti-Corby candidates. It revealed extremely hostile and abusive attitudes to party members at all levels who supported Corbyn. It revealed disgusting misogeny. But another revelation, one that received little coverage at the time by the mainstream media, was an astounding level of racism towards Black Labour MP’s. This was racism in the top institutional bodies of the Party.

The leaked report came out right at the start of Starmer’s leadership. His first reaction was to set up an inquiry with the purpose of identifying the leak. Only after widespread pressure did he add to the terms of reference investigation into the content of the leaked report.

Some of the senior staff named in the leaked report were suspended, many were allowed to quietly leave with no action taken against them.

The Forde Inquiry was meant to have reported in July, then in December. Now it has been kicked into the long grass, with no indication at all of when it will be published. The convenient reason given is that there is also an inquiry by the Information Commission’s Office into the possible misuse of data, and that the Forde inquiry might prejudice its work.

A clue to Starmer’s thinking might be his recent reinstatement of officials suspended over the leaked report, including a one Emile Oldknow, who previously had been head of the Governance and Legal disciplinary unit.

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