Kensington Labour Members Threatened With ‘Mass Suspensions’ If They Hosted Black Activist To Talk About Anti-black Racism

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Labour machine’s threat aborts meeting to address racism

This is clearly a coordinated campaign to suppress free speech. They are seeking to shut down any and all discussion of racism and its insidious impacts, be that the ongoing oppression of Palestinians, the anti-Black racism I was due to discuss in this report, or the rampant Islamophobiareported just weeks ago. It’s completely transparent and cannot any longer be enabled by anyone with a functioning conscience.” Kerry-Anne Mendoza Skwarkbox

Kensington constituency Labour party (CLP) in London has been forced to abandon plans to host a black activist Kerry-Anne Mendoza as guest speaker for a discussion of anti-black racism, after the Labour Party threatened members with ‘mass suspensions’ if the visit went ahead.

Emma Dent Coad, the borough’s former Labour MP, confirmed the events and said:

In the place that saw the UK’s first racist murder and the deaths of so many in Grenfell Tower, Labour members are being forbidden to hold a discussion of anti-black racism with a black woman.

Since the publication of the recent EHRC report this is not the party’s first suppression of voices speaking out about other forms of racism and oppression. The party has been ‘investigating’ a newly-elected NEC member of Arab heritage for speaking out in solidarity with Palestinians against the illegal occupation of their lan Skwarkbox, even though Kier Starmer and Gneral Secretary David Evans committed to implementing the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) report on Islamophobis in the Party in full, which confirms that denying Muslim populations their right to self-determination is racism. Skwarkbox