It’s Time to Turn Back the Rising Tide of Islamophobia

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Recently the Labour Muslim Network (LMN) published research which revealed the shocking extent of Islamophobia in the Labour Party. Here Apsana Begum, the first MP to wear a hijab, in a moving and personal account exposes the high levels of Islamophobia in both Parliament and in wider society, and describes the destructive impact on peoples lives. As with Dawn Butler, public support by Keir Starmer is noticeable by its absence.

By Apsana Begum

As the first MP to wear a hijab, Apsana Begum’s early political career has been blighted by anti-Muslim bigotry. Here she discusses her experiences – and why the battle against Islamophobia is so urgent.

Boris Johnson’s infamous comments that Muslim women wearing burkas “look like letterboxes” sent the message – loudly and clearly – about the now Prime Minister’s approach to diversity.

The incident demonstrated the acceptable prevalence of Islamophobia within the British mainstream, not least because nothing really happened to address these inflammatory crude comments which had no purpose or context other than to be offensive and add further fuel to the ongoing marginalisation of, and discrimination against, a minority community.

To read on click here Tribune  , when the full article first appeared, 27.11.20