Starmer Takes Media By Storm

In Starmer's five page 2,883 word policy speech, Black, Asian & African communities bearing the brunt of the world's worst Covid deaths, got just a 25 word mention right at the end.
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In a country riven by class and race divisions, where a powerful elite oversee 14 million in poverty, 1.5 million in destitution, a Department of Government openly pursuing racist policies (the hostile envirnioment, Windrush), a Prime Minister driven by vested interests and corrupt dealing, Stamer sees abstract market forces,

“It’s about an ideology that’s failed […] a decade of decisions guided by the notion that government can’t interfere with the market”

And a national unity against the ‘Covid enemy’,

” my thoughts have returned time and again to the wartime generation; those who suffered through the horrors of World War Two; who rebuilt Britain from the rubble of the Blitz […] and I contrast that with how so many of them were let down in their time of need – exposed to Covid…”

One phrase maybe let slip his attitude to the victims made vulnerable through poverty, “Covid got into the cracks and crevices of our society and forced them open […]” iNews , BlackLivesLabour

And his big idea to confront the power of the obscenely rich elite and the deep race and class divisions in our society – a British Recovery Bond ! Not even a whisper of a rise in corporation tax. LeftFootForward

As the Huffington Post commented ‘ The main new policy in the speech, a British Recovery Bond, appears to have singularly underwhelmed his critics, as proof of yet another dull, uninspiring bit of managerialism.’

But this dull manger turns a Nelson’s blind eye to the power of the top 1%, whose wealth equals that of 80% of the population, whilst 14m languish in poverty. EqualityTrust