EHRC Doubles Down As White And Right

New Commissioner States, "White racial self-interest is not the same thing as racism" And Criticises “victim status” Among Minorities. Head Of immigration And Integration (sic) At The Right-leaning Policy Exchange ThinkTank, David Goodhart Has Been Selected As A Commissioner At The Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC), Which Is Currently Investigating The Home Office’s Implementation Of Its Hostile Environment Immigration Policies! We kid you not.
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Goodhart has praised the measures introduced by the then home secretary Theresa May (known as the hostile environment) to combat illegal immigration, and argued that they should not be watered down in the wake of the Windrush scandal. Guardian And he has proposed there should be two-tier citizenship, with access to services limited to British citizens. Others – foreign students and guest workers – would be given “temporary” citizen status only, but would not be able to access social services or claim “political rights”. These ‘temporary citizens’, as Goodhart calls them, would be required to carry biometric ID cards TheCanary

Halima Begum, director of the race equality thinktank the Runnymede Trust, said Goodhart’s appointment had “completely eroded her confidence in the EHRC”. The Institute of Race Relations tweeted: “The appointment of David Goodhart as an EHRC commissioner, who has in the past attacked diversity and opined about the need to understand ‘majority grievances’, suggests the very real danger of an end to a progressive equalities agenda in this country.” Guardian

The Labour Party, the ‘anti-racist party’, has seen fit to make no comment on this extraordinary appointment.

UPDATE 18/1/21 :

David Isaac, the chair of the EHRC from 2016 until August last year, said a speech by Liz Truss, the minister for women and equalities, last month announcing a shift in government equality priorities away from gender and race made no pretence of the EHRC being independent, with Truss saying saying the new commissioners would focus on white working-class people and the north of England. 

Isaac described Truss’s speech as a “call to arms” to equality campaigners such as himself, because it pitted advancement of ethnic minorities’ rights against those of the white working class. “There are certain groups who are massively disadvantaged, and to say it’s only white working-class people who are disadvantaged is inaccurate,” he said. “Covid has demonstrated how important it is that you look at particular minorities, particularly black and minority ethnic experiences and outcomes during the pandemic. Guardian

These are the politics of Trump to which the Labour Party should issue an excoriating response.