Crony Capitalism, Jobs For The Boys, Backhand Deals, Safety Regulation Out The Window – The Climate Which Breeds Racism

A startling piece by Kenan Malik for the Observer, which could have been written by Jeremy Corbyn and lifted from the Morning Star - such is the state of affairs.
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Kenan Malik writes in the Guardian  “Over the past four decades, the state has outsourced authority and power to independent organisations and private corporations. It’s a process that has hollowed out the state, made companies freer to regulate themselves and eroded the distinction between government and business, hence the “revolving door” about which we have heard much in recent weeks.

Regulation – proper regulation – has been eaten away. Corruption has become normalised. Grenfell is one tragic consequence.

 This is not something peculiar to construction. From Boeing to Volkswagen, from clothes manufacturers to big pharma, we’ve seen in recent years how lying and cheating is part of big business. That’s how the market works.

(To this we should add the £3.9 billion backhander PPE deals to Johnson’s mates, which produced useless equipment and resulted in thousands of Covid deaths of frontline staff, especially racialised minorities in the care sector).

It is not, however, just about companies knowing how to circumvent regulation. It is also about regulators (and governments) allowing them to do so.”

This is how race and class intersect. This is critical race theory in practice.