Claudia Webb Again Subjected To Horrific Racist Abuse, For Supporting Indian Farmers

Driven Out Of Her Constituency Offices Before The Covid Lockdown By Life Threatening Physical Attacks By The Far Right, Now Vilely Abused Online - Once Again The Labour Leadership Sees Fit To Stays Silent And Passes By On The Far Side Of The Road. Those Who Are Not Part Of The Solution Become Part Of The Problem.
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“LABOUR MP Claudia Webbe has received horrific abuse on Twitter for standing in solidarity with Indian farmers, who are protesting against a new law that would see their incomes ravaged by big business.

Ms Webbe tweeted that the farmers were peacefully protesting against their government’s “attempts to railroad free-market capitalism into their farming communities.

In response to reports of state-sanctioned violence against the farmers, she wrote: “Our government should immediately cease sale of weapons including water cannons, tear gas and baton charges, which could be used against farmers in India.

The right to peacefully protest is a human right.

Ms Webbe faced a stream of racism and misogyny in response to her tweets”. Morning Star

Where is the solidarity and public support for Claudia from the Labour leadership – to quote a hand written placard held aloft by a white woman on a London Black Lives Matter demo, “White silence is violence”.