Charity That Helped Grenfell Victims ‘Institutionally Racist’

A Never Ending Onslaught. Why Hasn't The Labour Party Set Up A Dedicated Working Group To Ensure Justice For Grenfell, Replacement Of Lethal Cladding From The Hundreds Of Other Flats Across The Country, And Proper building Regulations - Which Are Still Wide Open - And Proper enforcement.
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The report by the Tutu Foundation found that, given all the evidence, the Westway Trust “has been and remains institutionally racist”.

“The legacy of institutional racism lives within the organisation in terms of the perceptions and relations with the African Caribbean community, which has led to a continuing mistrust.

“The trust has failed to understand, identify and address racial disparity in terms of key functions including in relation to service delivery and employment ]….] anyone who had “sounded the alarm” about issues over the years had been ignored or silenced.

The review recommended a “reparatory justice approach” should be taken by the charity, which could include the offer of compensation to affected communities. BBC