Black, Asian, African and Ethnic Minority Workers Covid Job Cuts Are 26 Times Worse Than White Workers

Black And Minority Ethnic Groups Suffered A “triple whammy of threats” To Their Mental Health, Incomes And Life Expectancy That Left Them More Vulnerable To The Coronavirus Pandemic When It Took Hold Earlier This Year, According To The UK Government’s Official Statistics Body, The Office for National Statistics **
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The TUC general secretary, Frances O’Grady, said she blamed systemic racism that pushed a disproportionate number of such workers into low-income and part-time jobs. Job losses have been concentrated in a handful of industries, with three industries accounting for 70% of job losses: 297,000 in accommodation and food, 160,000 in wholesale and retail and 115,000 in manufacturing. O’Grady said that in sectors such as hospitality, retail and the arts, BAME employment had “literally plummeted”.

The TUC called on the government to introduce mandatory ethnicity pay gap reporting, ban zero-hours contracts which disproportionately affect BAME workers, and publish all equality impact assessments on government responses to Covid-19. Guardian,

A Labour Party worth its salt would put its full weight behind these demands.

** Guardian