A Reminder Of Starmer’s Appeal

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Nigel Farage said he “heartily agrees” with Keir Starmer’s statement on the Black Lives Matter protests. The Brexit Party leader shared an interview clip of Starmer discussing the protests, commenting I “heartily agree with Keir Starmer’s condemnation of the Black Lives Matter organisation”. 

Speaking on BBC Breakfast, Starmer had said: ” There’s a broader issue here, the Black Lives Matter movement, or moment if you like, internationally is about reflecting on what happened dreadfully in America just a few weeks ago and acknowledging that as a moment across the world. It’s a shame it’s getting tangled up with these organisational issues. I wouldn’t have any truck with what the organisation is saying about defunding the police or anything else, that’s just nonsense.” 

This was a year ago, as reported by The Indy. Disgraceful to say, as this website has recorded, nothing has changed.